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lundi 6 juin 2011


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  1. C.C.S.V. Stauffenberg16 juin 2011 à 17:56

    Nyaaaaaaaaaaaah !
    Stop Wow tout d'suite et fais nous de belle BDs :3
    Allez allez ! tout d'suite !

    (Sur ce, bisous et bonne continuation :D)

  2. A quand une nouvelle note ? Ca commence à faire long un peu

  3. Ce blog a-t-il été abandonné ? Dommage...

  4. Hé! Il y a abandon de poste, là! Ca ne va pas du tout du tout!

  5. Ouais j'suis d'accord, ça va pas du tout du tout!
    1 an d'attente et on espère encore, ça vaut au moins un petit post tout petit gentil ?

  6. c'est glauque un blog abandonné...

  7. This article was quite interesting. I am going to read more on your blog. I do agree with everything you are saying.


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  10. body and soul
    Man and women means human have soul and body. combination of body and soul makes a human perfect. if soul is replace one to another body and as a result human behavior is changed according to the soul although ( not full changing i think) if it happens man and animal (have to find out or test or innovate) what will be then, is it possible.. i don't know yet. Tree have life , have there soul ? my future innovation thinking and have to discover.
    Ha ha ...its a mad thinking don't bother any one ....

  11. Funny think

    About brain and soul sound creation and some ordinary thing
    In the past time or decayed man sent the message with the help of birds or pigeon one to another . most of the time in the war man basically use this kind of facility when modern facility is unrepresented. at that time use of mobile or other device was not present. after some decayed man discover the telephone , radio and satellite, email and other communication medium to transmit the message.
    we know now how we conceive the sound from the air modern science let us know how we conceive the sound. we conceive the sound into the brain from the wave we know above 20000 and less than 20 mega hearts or decibel we cannot conceive.
    Now i want to introduce something new things although , everyone not mandatory to believe this thing. before that i want to say that have some prove like soul to soul transmission or we know now message can sent one soul to another give the command or give them the instruction what to do . it can be possible use the soul replacement.
    I believe something extraordinary other people no need to believe . Brain have some power to make the sound wave or frequency (if brain conceive the frequency why not create the frequency or sound wave) there is not such device to identify this type of frequency. with the meditation use the neuron brain cell man can make wave frequency. i think not the normal human only the ordinary human can do that. like oli or Mohamanab Mohammad might can do it. i try my self with that but create more pressure on to my brain. so i left it. i think one ordinary man can sent to the other ordinary man with the help of this techniques . for that need some sort of things . i will discuss it later.

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